Who We Are

Databanter is a digital food bank initiative with the aim to tackle food insecurity and malnutrition among the most vulnerable in Nigeria and Africa at large where mobile phone users donate food items through their recharged mobile airtime and internet data subscription on databanter. Food remains the basic need of life but Nigeria has been declared a food deficit country where over 50% lives below poverty line. Our initiative of using internet data and/or airtime to provide food for the vulnerable is not farfetched from the fact that airtime is known as digital currency and this can be shared with loved ones, family friends and relatives. So who are the target vulnerable? They are internally displaced persons, widows, malnourished children, low income earners, Aged parents and destitute.

Our Qualities

We are committed to supporting and achieving ZERO HUNGER under the United Nations Sustainable Development goal 2.

  • To act as a strong pillar assisting those struggling with malnutrition and hunger in Nigeria and Africa.
  • To create poverty alleviation program by encouraging farmers and potential local farmers into commercial Agriculture as we use PULL MECHANISM INITIATIVE to create market opportunities for them.
  • To stand in the position of leadership by encouraging individuals such as youth into creating their PERSONAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY by jointly fighting hunger.
  • To support Corporate Social Responsibility of Corporate Organizations.

Our Elite Members

Our Elite Member is an integral part of our digital food donation initiative. They are individuals that create Personal Social Responsibility using databanter initiative by joining hands together with databanter and its team to ensuring in achieving ZERO HUNGER. Our Elite members comprises of Nigerians both home and abroad {Diaspora}, recharging airtime, sending airtime, and sharing a certain percentage of their airtime to provide food for the vulnerable in Nigeria. We have made series of social benefits to ensuring all our covenant partners enjoys their membership with us.



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What We Do

Our Initiative is to fight FOOD INSECURITY among the most marginalised group of people using MOBILE TECHNOLOGY through an act of kindness and generosity. We make donation easier especially food donation where any mobile phone user simply dial a unique number supported on all network (MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9Mobile), purchase and also share airtime supporting their various communities out of hunger crisis. A single Airtime shared is converted into food item which will be distributed to the target audience via our Civil Society Organization CSO and individual partners. The good part of our initiative is that users can share their AIRTIME BONUS, hence making food donation almost FREE.

Databanter Digital Food Donation Initiative: Our target is to feed one Million Nigerians with the collective efforts of mobile phone users and internet data subscribers. 

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