According to the 10 principles of United Nations global Combats, responsible business can solve the world’s challenges. The Nigeria economy will flourish if it fights to end hunger. Every aspect of the world is changing. It’s a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous place in which to live and work. While we have created prosperity for many, too many are being left behind. A world not in balance will ultimately be rejected. 1.2 billion People are still living in extreme poverty, 2.5 billion people are without access to adequate water or sanitation, 200 million people are without employment and growth. One in five children fails to make it to the age of five.

How do we navigate such a world? We can no longer pretend that business is immune from the rising tide of environmental social challenges or that companies can create value in isolation from the communities of which they are a part of. After all, commerce was founded on the principle of providing a product or service that meets a societal need, creating shareholder value was the result, not the objective.

To solve the world’s biggest challenges will take more acts of corporate social responsibility for businesses and this is what we at databanter wants to achieve. Economic development through responsible business is the best way to lift people out of poverty and though we have not always got it right – the private sector, making up three-quarters of the global economy, has a great deal to contribute to the development of the communities of which they are apart.

A business that acts now have a unique opportunity to end extreme poverty while also promoting social inclusion and safeguarding the planet for future generations. Business can and should play a role in making this happen. We have put in place different strategic measures to ensuring businesses are involved in contributing to a world with no poverty.

Many are now waking up to the realization that the cost of inaction in addressing issues such as food security, education, inequalities, and poverty is greater than the cost of action. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, globally $750 billion of food is wasted every year while the cost of feeding the worlds hungry is put at only $80 billion. That wasted food is also responsible for 3.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases entering the world’s atmosphere and while millions go hungry, 1.2 billion are obese. It doesn’t add up and the longer businesses fail to act the bigger the economic, social, environmental and human cost will become.

Databanter through its corporate social responsibility program for businesses, businesses will be taking a total value chain approach, innovation skills, global networks, and grassroots interaction to help drive sustainable development.

Businesses need to place more equitable growth at the heart of their operations and to be transparent in everything they do. They report on the impact of their actions to the public to earn the respect and recognitions they deserve.

We will drive businesses to become truly community spirited. Network with like-minded executives through our elite community seeking to transform their organization in line with responsible value and behaviour.

Benefit on Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program for Businesses.

  • Better Brand Recognition.
  • Positive Business Reputation.
  • Increased Sales And Customer Loyalty.
  • Operational Costs Savings.
  • Better Financial Performance.
  • Greater Ability To Attract Talent And Retain Staff.
  • Organizational Growth.
  • Easier Access To Capital.