What is Databanter?

Databanter is using digital technology for poverty alleviation with the aim to achieve zero hunger digital that invariably reflects other aspect of sustainable development goals. We are tackling food insecurity and malnutrition among the most vulnerable in Nigeria and Africa. Our goal is to feed 1 million vulnerable through our innovative approach with the combining power of mobile airtime users. We are 100% voluntarily funded so every donation counts. Our administrative cost is simply 10% of all donations for us to be able to sustain our initiative and the rest 90% goes directly into our operations working to build a world without poverty and achieve other sustainable development agenda.

What does Databanter do?

Databanter raises micro funds from airtime credit to feed the hungry and help build a world with Zero Hunger. Users can donate between 50 naira to 10,000 naira depending on what they are capable of donating and the amount of airtime they are having at that moment. We trade with the airtime to receive cash and provide food for those that need it most. We will constantly communicate with you our progress and the vulnerable your airtime credits have been able to impact.

Whom will my donated Airtime help?

Your donated airtime will be traded with to receive cash and made to buy food to help the vulnerable in Nigeria. With the collective effort of supported individuals, we believe small contributions will make a big bulk that will help those in need of food, not just food but nutritious food. We understand that your airtime credit is also money, while dialing our USSD code; you can specify the amount of airtime you are willing to donate. After a successful transaction, you can choose your preferred state and categories of vulnerable you are willing to help with your donated airtime.

Why hunger?

There are 815 million undernourished people in the world today. That means one in nine people do not get enough to eat to lead an active and healthy life. 3.7 million Nigerians are currently faced with food insecurity while over 1 million Nigerians are urgently in need of food. In fact, hunger and malnutrition are the number one risk to health worldwide – greater than AIDs, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. We know that hunger is entirely solvable.

How do you get the food you distribute?

We are in partnership with food manufacturers especially startups working in food and nutrition sector to supply us with food they produce. This is also applicable to small scale farmer in a bid to market and promote their food businesses or agric produce hence generating sales for them thereby creating more decent jobs for economic growth. Please, kindly note that this partnership is exclusively available to our elite members and this is one of the benefits of joining our elite members’ community.

Who is a Elite Partner?

Elite member is an active user considered to be a special hero who often donates airtime from his mobile phone using databanter’s unique USSD application to support the most disadvantaged Nigerians. Our Elite member comprises of individuals, businesses and corporate organizations using our platform to donate and support the most disadvantaged. Elite members have social benefits attached to their contributions on our charity causes.

How Do I Join a Elite Partner?

To join our growing list of Elites in our community, please register through the Elite member portal on our website. Please, give correct details while registering.

What is My Benefit As a Elite Partner?

We are interested in having a close relation with all our Elite members. We want them to experience the benefit of giving and helping those who are in need. As part of having a close relation, we would be celebrating our Elite members on their special occasions such as birthdays, wedding etc. The entire elite community would appreciate you as you get support from the community. Elite members will receive premium content about where and how they are investing in a Zero hunger future creating the world without poverty. We have created series of social benefits to ensure all our elite members experience the goods that comes with their giving. To know more about the benefits of signing up as our Elite member, please click here.

How Do I Donate from my Airtime Credit?

Dial our unique USSD code *384*1216#, select your mobile network operator, select amount of airtime credit you are willing to donate, and then followed by your airtime transfer PIN. Please, follow the steps given on the menu displayed on your phone. Our USSD application is integrated into all the four major mobile operators in Nigeria. Select your service provider and complete the transactions, you will receive successful message via SMS inform of an airtime transfer from your operator. Please, you need to have an active airtime transfer PIN registered with your operators. One of our USSD session explains how to register for airtime transfer PIN with your operator.

What is the Operator's Airtime Transfer PIN?

This is a 4 or 5 numbers you register with your operator that enables you to make airtime transfer to your loved ones, friends, family and relatives within the same network.

Is The Operator's USSD Code The Same With DataBanters?

NO! We have developed our own USSD application to interface with the operators so using our unique USSD application; you can easily make airtime donations.

Why Mobile Airtime For Donation?

We believe mobile phone will soon determine the world population and even in Nigeria, there are over 150 million mobile phone users which contribute to over 85% penetration rate in the Nigeria market. Anyone with a mobile phone must ensure he/she feeds the phone to be able to effectively use it for calls, SMS or data bundle. Our initiative to digitize charity giving harnessing the medium would help us scale in due time.

Also, we have industry expert in our team that understands how the telco sector operates. We noticed that airtime bonuses given to customers by their service provider runs into billions of Naira in digital currency and we believe this can be extracted to help the poor.

Moreover, its often noted that people shy away from making donations because they don’t really have the bulk. The truth still remains that no amount is too small to support a cause and the little airtime credit contribution from individual will make up a bulk that will eventually safe lives.

How do you convert your airtime into cash for the purpose of helping the poor?

Your donated airtime will be used to empower the youths and women in communities we support. Empowered unemployed youths and women will subscribe to resell internet data bundle with a group of people in order to meet their daily need hence, creating job opportunities.

What is your school meal program all about?

Our school meal program is an extension of our zero hunger initiative that targets mostly the children from age 1-16. These children should be in their pre-primary, primary and post-primary education. We focus more on girls because majority of them are out of school due to poverty, malnutrition and poor parental background. As Zero Hunger Challenge is concerned, it reflects in other sustainable developments such as contribution to end poverty, health and wellbeing, quality education, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, reduce inequality, sustainable cities and communities, peace and justice strong institution, and partnership to achieve the goals and we have determined to achieve these goals by 2030.

Does 100% Of Each Gift Reach The Hungry?

Databanter ensures donation reach the vulnerable we have identified while sharing to donate from their airtime as efficiently and effectively as possible. Your donated airtime includes all cost related to feeding the vulnerable such as food, transportation, preparation of the meal, monitoring and evaluation and all the relevant cost.

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